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This is one of the best design lessons you can ever learn. Straights vs. curves.

gfghhff those illustrationsss hffff

i always keep this in mind when designing characters or just drawing anything. it really is one the best things you can ever know.

aaahhh!! So beautiful and insightful


Step 1. Draw a swirl. Step 2. Make swirl bigger. Step 3. Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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Snailvengers! Assemble! …Slowly.

Up in the shop: [link]

Is it weird that I’d want one of these, Bobby style; with a cap and a no drinking sign :’(


can someone invent the font tragic sans?

If Comic sans is the worst font ever…does that mean we’re asking someone to make THE BEST?!



Guys, I have fabulous news that I haven’t yet shared here… Selected pieces of my Doctor Who and Sherlock artwork have been licensed by the BBC and are being sold through Big Chief Studios Limited! The company also does the official Doctor Who and Sherlock 1:6th Scale Collectible Figures. There are small (8”x10” at £16.99) unlimited Gift Edition prints, as well as a larger Limited Edition prints (12”x16” at £59.99) available of each piece.

I appreciate you guys sharing this post, and thank you ALL for giving my work so much positive attention throughout the years!



lil journal comics

it is impossible to not be at least a little bit in love with emmy ah god